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Our email messages and any of its attachment are confidential and may contain privileged information intended only for the use of the individual or company named above. If you are not the intended recipient, please telephone or mail the sender and delete this message and any attachment from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you must not copy this message or attachment or disclose the contents to any other person. Neither the sender nor the group of companies to which the sender belongs can accept any responsibility for any use or misuse of this message or its attachments.

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Roel Deijkers, Sales Manager The Netherlands and Flanders at The Binding Site




"The Thema Group Consultants really supported and understood me in the search for a new professional opportunity. They paid attention to identifying both the personal and professional match. I experienced the recruitment process as very positive and I am happy to have cooperated with them to find this new exciting challenge."

Jolien Dellafaille, Application Scientist MicroCT Bruker




"I appreciated the smooth service, the kind and supportive follow-up and above all the quick result of my recruitment process at Thema Group. Their effective approach has enabled me to jumpstart a promising and challenging career that will enable me to use my talents to the fullest. I can only say: Thank you Thema Group!"

Miriam Cobbaert, Business Development Manager


“I have experienced the professionalism, involvement and follow-up in Thema Groups’ recruitment process as unique.”

Dirk Van den Driessche, General Sales Manager at Beckers Benelux

I would like to thank Thema Group and Lucien Strackx for the orientation and guidance towards my new employer Beckers. I am very positive about the open en clear communication about the vacancy and the support during the entire process.
Thema Group, its personal touch and approach have helped me in finding a great job as Sales Manager on the food market.

Oliver Gresch, Account Manager for Germany and Scandinavia at BioReliance Ltd

I would describe the cooperation with Thema Group as well targeted and very customer focuses . The open working atmosphere made me feel “in good hands” during the entire search & selection process.

Hans Van de Water, Value Stream Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific

I am regularly contacted by Search & Selection agencies. I have never experienced such professionalism. Perfect communication, timely feedback and close follow-up. It is a pleasure working with Thema Group!

Claudia Israel, Recruiting Manager at Qiagen

"Thema Group was able to present us for several positions very interesting and qualified candidate profiles. They work professional and have a really good market knowledge."

Kimm Delsing, Corporate Recruiter at FrieslandCampina

“Thema Group supports FrieslandCampina in a professional, discrete and comprehensive way in our search for professionals who can realize our ambition for route 2020.”

Frank Hartmann, General Manager at Büchi

“Cordial and detail oriented – Thema Group knows the market through and through”

Lijnie Rijsdijk, Head Human Resources at Sandoz

“Thema Group selects candidates who fit our organization, regarding not only knowledge and insight, but also character and personality. That’s why Thema Group has been our partner for many years.”

Bart Hendriks, General Manager Europe at Ziosoft

“I can provide pages of positive feedback regarding Thema Group but it all comes down to a few words: "The best European executive recruiters for the medical industry you can find.”

Danielle Dahms, HR Manager at Nonin Medical

“For a tough search with a unique set of qualifications and challenging timeline, Thema Group was able to present us with multiple candidates who fit the bill. I was impressed with their depth of knowledge and would highly recommend them.”

Pedro Jie Sam Foek, Sales Manager - Professional

Pedro Jie Sam Foek“Professionalism, commitment, reliability and a flexible open attitude towards all parties concerned are the key values which Thema Group uses as starting point.”

Gerrit Portier, Sales Manager at Beckman Coulter

Gerrit Portier"Work with professionals. Work for professionals."

Hildert Delis, Deputy Director at Acatris

Hilder Delis“Thema Group is an organization which doesn’t talk along but thinks along, thereby providing a valuable contribution to the realization of our strategy.”
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