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Laura Adrian - Recruitment Specialist


Laura Adrian

Recruitment Specialist 

Active since:

Responsible for:
identifying, approaching, inspiring, screening and matching potential candidates

Telephone number:
T: +49 211 78475145
M: +49 170 4006412

About Laura:
With 5 years of practical experience in cytological diagnostics, I joined Thema Group in April 2019. I am interested in people and their needs and want to achieve the best possible outcome for both, our candidates and the clients. My experiences in the laboratory sector help me to do exactly this and commit to the requirements of both parts. So that I am able to support our candidates in their career management and simultaneously find the perfect match for our customer.


Who are we?

Your Partner in Life Science Recruitment

Thema Group was founded in 1989 and has meanwhile grown into an organization with more than 20 employees. From our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we constantly expand our network in the Life Sciences and we recruit your future employees.

Our mission

Thema Group is a Life Sciences recruitment agency that works for national and multinational businesses in Europe in the following sectors: laboratory technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, chemistry, process technology  and food (business-to-business). Thema Group achieves the desires and ambitions of our clients and candidates by providing needs-based staffing solutions.

Our vision

Engagement through trust is our starting point. Besides our specialized experience in your market, our method is based on extensive cooperation and strong relationships with our customers. Our aim is to clarify your needs and to find the right solution. This is our driving force, and this is why we take personal responsibility for the results.


In practice, our vision means that we work in partnership with our clients. As a result, we can always provide staffing solutions quickly and effectively. We understand the requirements for every type of job and we know which candidates are most suitable. The result is a win-win situation: you constantly improve your professionalism and quality – and so do we.

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