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Menarini Diagnostics Carestream Health Kodak Nederland BV Qaelum Brocacef BV Maarssen Dr. Reddy's (Octoplus) Mosadex Meso Scale Discovery (NL) Interscience België Prinsen BV Barentz NV, België CANON ( ex- Vital Images) Sachem Europe BV Bruker Optics Acatris nederland BV AVEBE Group Veendam (=KLANT) Unisensor SA diagnostic engineering Bilthoven Biologicals Micromeritics NV Alphatron Medical Systems BV Eppendorf Nederland BV Fisher Farma Hanna Instruments BV Hermes Medical ApotheekVoorzorg (Mosadex) ApotheekZorg

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Building A bis

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5349 AB OSS

The Netherlands

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