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Thema Group attaches great importance to privacy and finds data protection very important. With this privacy statement (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy statement”) Thema Group wants to inform you about the processing of your personal data. Thema Group will process personal data with respect for the user's privacy and with due observance of the Belgian protection of privacy Act of 8 December 1992 on the processing of personal data. (https://www.privacycommission.be/en/) which, as from 25 May 2018, are replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’’).

If you want more information about privacy and the protection of data, please go to the website of the Commission for the protection of privacy (also the Privacy commission) via the link: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/article-29/structure/data-protection-authorities/index_en.htm.

This Privacy statement was last amended on: 15 May 2018.

To whom does this privacy statement apply?
This privacy statement applies to:
• All visitors to the website of Thema Group.
• All contacts of the customers of Thema Group.
• All people to whom Thema Group provides services.

Who is responsible for the processing?
Thema Group acts as the controller for the processing of personal data in the context of Recruitment & Selection.

Thema Group BVBA
BioVille, Agoralaan Building A bis
+32 (0)11 - 28 69 20

Thema Group BV
Odiliastraat 92
5401 ZZ UDEN
+31 (0)413243636

Thema Group GMBH
Merowingerplatz 1
+49 (0)262303696

E-mail: Privacy@themagroup.eu

Thema Group is not always the controller. With regard to the processing of personal data or the execution of an order, the client acts as controller and Thema Group as the processor. With regard to this processing Thema Group undertakes to only process data under orders of the controller. A user who wishes to exercise his/her rights as a data subject, must always address the controller.

Which personal data does Thema Group process for the Recruitment & Selection?

Personal data that is processed for prospecting and quote requests.
Thema Group collects professional identification data of potential new customers. This data is collected via direct contact (telephone, business cards at events) or via quote requests via the website or other channels.

Type personal data: Professional identification data (Surname, name, e-mail, phone number, position, company)
Recipient: Thema Group
Legal ground for processing: Contact
Purpose of processing: Contract to obtain a quote
Clarification: The professional identification data shall be saved in the database

Personal data that is processed in the execution of a contract.
To contact the client of a recruitment & selection project Thema Group keeps professional identification data.

Type personal data:Professional identification data (Surname, name, E-mail, phone number, position, company)
Recipient: Thema Group
Legal ground for processing: Contract
Purpose of processing: Determine the client of the contract
Clarification: To ask questions regarding the recruitment & selection project or to send its invoice, Thema Group needs professional identification data.

Type personal data: Personal data potential Candidates (Name - address - town/city - contact data - Career data- personal data (age- sex - etc.) - composition of the family - leisure activities - memberships )
Recipient: Thema Group & customer
Legal ground for processing: Contract & Legitimate Interest
Purpose of processing: Identification of potential candidates
Clarification: This data allows a potentially suitable candidate to be identified and contacted.

Who receives my personal data?
1) Employees of Thema Group in the context of the exercise of the recruitment & selection project
2) Processors: Thema Group works with external processors who signed a processor agreement with Thema Group.
3) Miscellaneous: In case of a merger, acquisition, sale, joint-venture and/or in case of any other change of control within Thema Group, Thema Group reserves the right to transfer any processed personal data ‘as a component of such merger, acquisition, sale, joint-venture and/or any other change of control’ to any third party.

Your personal data shall not be transferred to other external parties without prior consent, unless Thema Group is obliged to do so on the grounds of a legal provision or a court ruling.

Is anonymous data used for reporting purposes?
Thema Group uses anonymous data for internal reporting. Anonymous or aggregated data is personal data that has been rendered anonymous or aggregated to such an extent that it no longer relates to an identified or identifiable person or the data is shown in an anonymous or aggregated way so that the individual is not, or no longer, recognisable.

How long will my data be kept?
Thema Group will only save your personal data for the minimum period required to meet the purposes specified in this Privacy statement, except when a longer storage time is required by law to solve disputes. Non-personal details can be saved without limitation in time for statistical purposes.

Security and storage of data
Thema Group acknowledges that the security of personal data is part of data protection. This is why Thema Group adopts appropriate suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised processing or unauthorised access to avoid any misuse.

Cookies are text files that are saved on your computer to collect standard internet logging information and behaviour information. This information is used to save the visitor behaviour of the website and to compile statistical reports about the website.
The settings on most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can also change these settings.
How you do this depends on the browser you use. If you need help, use the “help” function of your browser or consult the following website http://www.aboutcookies.org/Default.aspx?page=2 

Web visit
When you visit our websites the technical characteristics of your downloads are saved in so-called log files on our servers. This data is only used for statistical analyses for a couple of months. We will not verify (even if this were possible) who uses which IP address at which moment and we do not trace this data back to your person.
Technical characteristics of a query, click, display, search or the like refer to: requested URL, IP number, time, HTTP-referer-URL (including sometimes your search terms for a search engine), user-agent string, browser type, computer screen size, etc.

When you use a search function on our websites, your search terms can be saved on our servers together with the technical characteristics in so-called log files. This data is only used for statistical analyses for a couple of months
When you enter and send a registration form on one of our websites, or send us an e-mail, we save the data you send us together with the technical characteristics for as long as is necessary or reasonable in view of the nature of the form and your message for a complete answer, processing and/or justification following your message.

When you take part in interactive parts of our websites for which you need to register and log on, you are free to enter personal data. This data can be saved for an unlimited duration. When you register for activities or services of Thema Group for which truthful personal data is expected, Thema Group will only use this data for the purpose concerned.

What are my rights and how can I exercise them?
You can exercise your rights (right of access, right to rectification, right of erasure of your data, right to object) by sending an e-mail to privacy@themagroup.eu

Thema Group has one month to reply to your request. This term begins once we receive your request and possess all the required information to comply with your request.
Thema Group will provide the requested information free of charge. When requests are unfounded or excessive, more specifically due to their repetitive character, Thema Group may charge a reasonable amount or refuse the request.

For the sake of completeness we inform you that, if Thema Group does not react to your request, refuses to answer it or if it does not meet your expectations, you always have the right to lodge a complaint with the Commission for the protection of privacy (Privacy commission) http://ec.europa.eu/justice/article-29/structure/data-protection-authorities/index_en.htm

Western part of the Netherlands, home office, office Oosterhout
The Netherlands, home-office
The Netherlands

Roel Deijkers, Sales Manager der Niederlande und Flandern bei The Binding Site




"Die Consultants der Thema Group waren eine große Unterstützung und haben mich auf meiner Suche nach einer neuen beruflichen Chance verstanden. Sie achteten darauf, dass es sowohl auf persönlicher als auch beruflicher Ebene passte. Ich habe den gesamten Recruitmentprozess als sehr positiv empfunden und bin froh, dass ich mit ihnen zusammengearbeitet habe, um diese neue, spannende Herausforderung zu finden."

Jolien Dellafaille, Application Scientist MicroCT Bruker




"Ich habe den unkomplizierten Service, das freundliche und unterstützende Follow-up und ganz besonders das schnelle Ergebnis in meinem Recruitmentprozess bei der Thema Group geschätzt. Ihr effektiver Ansatz hat es mir ermöglicht eine vielversprechende und herausfordernde Karriere zu beginnen, die mich in die Lage versetzt meine Talente vollständig zu nutzen. Jetzt kann ich nur noch sagen: Danke Thema Group!"

Miriam Cobbaert, Business Development Manager


"Ich habe die Professionalität, das Engagement sowie das Follow-up des Recruiting-Prozesses der Thema Group als einzigartig erlebt."

Dirk Van den Driessche, General Sales Manager bei Beckers Benelux

Ich möchte Thema Group und Lucien Strackx für die Beratung und Unterstützung zu meinem neuen Arbeitgeber Beckers danken. Ich bin sehr von der Offenheit und der klaren Vorführung der Stellenausschreibung sowie von der Unterstützung während des gesamten Prozesses beeindruckt.
Dank der persönlichen Note und Ansatzes von Thema Group, habe ich eine sehr gute Position als Sales Manager in der Lebensmittel-Branche gefunden.

Oliver Gresch - Account Manager Germany and Scandinavia bei BioReliance Ltd

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Thema Group verlief sehr kunden- und zielorientiert. Aufgrund der offenen Arbeitsatmosphäre fühlte ich mich während des gesamten Bewerbungs- und Einstellungsprozess gut betreut.

Hans Van de Water, Value Stream Manager bei Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ich werde regelmäßig von Personalagenturen kontaktiert. Ich habe noch nie so eine professionelle Arbeitsweise erlebt. Ausgezeichnete Kommunikation, zeitnahes Feedback und strenges Follow-up. Es ist ein Vergnügen mit Thema Group zusammenzuarbeiten!

Claudia Israel, Recruiting Manager bei Qiagen

« Thema Group konnte uns für verschiedene Positionen interessante und qualifizierte Kandidatenprofile einreichen. Sie haben eine professionelle Vorgehensweise und gründliche Kenntnisse des Marktes. »

Kimm Delsing, Corporate Recruiter bei FrieslandCampina

« Thema Group unterstützt Friesland Campina in eine professionelle, diskrete und umfassende Weise bei der Suche nach professionellen Mitarbeitern, die unsere Ambitionen für den Weg 2020 war machen können. »

Frank Hartmann, General Manager bei Büchi

« Herzlich und detailgetreu – Thema Group kennt den Markt durch und durch »

Lijnie Rijsdijk, Head Human Resources bei Sandoz

« Thema Group selektioniert Kandidaten nicht nur alleine auf Basis der Kenntnisse, sondern auch auf Basis der Charakter und Persönlichkeiten die zu unserer Organisation passen. Deshalb ist Thema Group seit vielen Jahren unser Partner. »

Bart Hendriks, General Manager Europe bei Ziosoft

« Ich könnte unendlich viele Seiten mit positivem Feedback schreiben, aber es lässt sich alles in ein paar Worte zusammenfassen : Die besten europäischen Executive Recruiters die Sie für die Medizinische Industrie finden können. »

Danielle Dahms, HR Manager bei Nonin Medical

« In einem schwierigen Suchverfahren mit einzigartigen Qualifikationen und einem anspruchsvollen Zeitplan war Thema Group in der Lage uns mehrere interessante Kandidaten vorzustellen. Ich war von deren umfassenden Wissen beeindruckt und empfehle sie dringend weiter. »

Pedro Jie Sam Foek, Sales Manager- Professional

Pedro Jie Sam Foek

« Professionalität, Engagement, Zuverlässigkeit und eine flexible und offene Haltung gegenüber allen Beteiligten sind Werte von denen Thema Group verfügt und die sie effektiv als Grundlage verwenden. »

Gerrit Portier, Sales Manager bei Beckman Coulter

Gerrit Portier

« Arbeitet mit Profis. Arbeitet für Profis. »

Hildert Delis, Adjunct Directeur bei Acatris

Hilder Delis

« Thema Group ist eine Organisation, die nicht nur mitredet sondert mitdenkt, und liefert hiermit einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Umsetzung unserer Strategie. »

Synthon Biopharmaceuticals PharmaFluidics Novuqare Mercachem BV QPS (Xendo Drug Development) Verder Scientific Lamboo Mobile Medical Utrecht Dental PHC Europe B.V. Eppendorf Nederland BV Beta-cell Sanquin Dr. Reddy's (Octoplus) Biognost BVBA (B) Skalar Analytical BV Fisher Farma PamGene International BV Topa Thermal Packaging  BV Charles River Laboratories Fuji Medical Systems Benelux (B) Boma Cantel ( Medivators)   FUJIREBIO (Innogenetics) Meso Scale Discovery (NL) PFEnex

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